Webinar: Missouri 2019 Solar Rebates

Join us for a free webinar and learn how you can save big with Missouri solar rebates!

Free Webinar: What You Need to Know About 2019 Missouri Solar Rebates

Update: As of 12/4/18, all Ameren and KCP&L GMO (Rural) rebates have been claimed. Empire Electric and KCP&L Missouri (KC Area) still have remaining rebate money available.

If you own a home or other property in Missouri, and your electric company is KCP&L, Ameren or Empire Electric, you can save thousands of dollars when you go solar. | Learn more about the 2019 Missouri Solar rebates

There are many great reasons to add solar to your home.

  • Reduces or eliminates your electric bill.
  • Increases your property value.
  • Can put tens of thousands of dollars in savings into your pocket over the warrantied lifespan of the solar system!

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