Happy Solar Birthday!

You have really outdone yourself, Oaks Ridge Meadows. 

Can you believe you've been solar-powered for a year? While we've all been making an orbit around the sun, 15 solar systems have been cranking out some serious power! Mother Earth thanks you!

We've put together some astonishing numbers - a recap of how much power you've generated and what that means for the environment and your bank accounts. Take a look!

Oaks Ridge 1-Year Totals-1

Do you want to do more?

There's strength in numbers.  

Think of the dent Oaks Ridge Meadows has made on reducing the environmental strain on planet earth. Now, add to that your friends and neighbors, and the world keeps getting better, one solar system at a time. 

Any friend of Oaks Ridge Meadows is a friend of SunSource's.

You can help multiply the benefits of solar, just like Oaks Ridge Meadows did! Just click here to get started.

I want to be awesome like Oaks Ridge! Tell me more about solar.